Classroom Chores

Without a procedure to manage the distribution of supplies and clean up there could be student behavior issues. At the elementary level everything is highly structured from lining up, walking down the hall, getting a drink, even using the bathroom. For the art teacher to remain in control, management/procedures make teaching better.

At each table of four students, one is appointed the TASK MASTER. The duties of a Task Master are: 1. Bring the art supplies to the students at their table, (and return it too).  2. During clean up sponge clean their table, if needed.

The TASK MASTER position rotates to the next student every nine weeks. They eagerly and impatiently wait their turn to be the ONE. Every grade level: kindergarten - 6th grade have TASK MASTERS, so they know the routine very well. If the Task Master is absent, the job goes to the previous Task Master for that day only.

For each class I select a boy and a girl to be my assistants. They help me in a variety of ways during class, such as passing out student art work, art paper, or art tools. If I'm gone the two assistants also help the substitute teacher, if needed. The assistant job changes every nine weeks too. They cannot be a Task Master at the same time.

This is the art room at one of my schools. I like hanging the table numbers above the tables.  The low blue shelf in the middle of the room holds the art supplies needed for most projects. Its ease of access for supply distribution is wonderful.

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