Class Management

 Provide praise and more praise in motivating students to follow directions. I give out a "SUPER SKILL card" to each 1st-3rd grader every quarter. When a Super Skill is earned I record it by placing a dot by their name on the seating chart. Each month a Super Skill is drawn from the jar of collected Super Skills. That winner selects a prize. 
These cheap prizes are ordered from Oriental Trading Co. 

 Top picture is the front side. 
Bottom picture is the back side
For 4th, 5th, and 6th grades I do something different, but every student is recognized at least four times a year. Most receive more. (Pretty good for having 650 students.)

4th grade Dragon Training- Praise

On our first day of class we draw dragons on 5 x 8 tagboard. Over the next few class times we trace it in black marker, add texture, and color. Some  artists even add castles,
shields, dragon eggs, and dragon names.
Throughout the year students earn "Dragon Gold" for positive behaviors. The Gold is placed in the 6 x 9 kraft envelopes also known as the Dragon's Lair. At the end of projects, there is time for students to purchase dragon training. By the end of the school year the student or students with the most trained dragon earns a prize.


Below are my four rules. They work well in 
providing structure to a class of eager and excited children.

Listening Skills

1. Mouth Silent

2. Eyes on Speaker

3. Hands Quiet

These are not all the procedures I have.

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