Sunday, May 10, 2015

Plaid Animals - (1st grade)

Print color copies of this form. Students select their favorite color.

Define what vertical and horizontal lines are. I like to personalize
 these two lines with a crazy story. Mrs. Vertical always stands tall. She can never bend over so she leaves a mess everywhere. Well you would too if you couldn't pick it up. She is married to Mr. Horizontal who always is laying down, and never gets up cause he sleeps all the time.

 Students draw Mrs. Vertical with one marker color. Then between those lines students add another vertical line with a second color. Neatness counts!

Now we draw Mr. Horizontal line. Again with two colors.

Flip the paper over to the form side and draw the body oval and the circle head.

Cut out the parts and glue on to a 9 x 12 colored paper. Create an animal.


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