Sunday, January 6, 2013

Snow Cone People - (3rd)

So what do you do with all those left over yarn cones?
I collected them over a few years. Once I had enough the third graders 
painted them with white tempera. 

Before class the 1  1/2" or  2" styrofoam balls were hot glued on and two holes were drilled for the 
arms. Students drew the faces with permanent black marker and added half a tooth pick for a
 nose. Chilly, rosy cheeks were colored with colored markers.

White polyester batting was glued on for hair or beards. A pipe cleaner was folded in half and pushed through the arm holes. The arms are twisted to form twig-like fingers. Each Snow Cone Person had to hold something. The students became very creative with ideas.

Fadeless Paper buttons are stamped from shape punches and glued on. 
A strip of felt is fringed and tied on for a scarf.