Sunday, May 20, 2012

Funny Frogs - (1st)

These frogs are in "Froggy Day Care" and waiting for their owners to take them home.

This is the "newborn" frog made from Crayola Magic Modeling Clay. The eyes 
are formed by pressing in the end of a Crayola colored marker.

First graders created painted texture with turquoise and green paint.
They painted wild lines that were not mix together.

 The textured paper was folded in half and a circle traced
 on it, then cut out. A piece of "pie" was cut out of each lily pad.

Students named their frogs and drew a picture of it on a lunch bag. 
When the Frog bag was completed the students carried
 their clay frog in it for a safe trip home.

Students painted their frogs so no white would show, except for the eyes.
The frog on the left is a good example of painting, the frog on the right is not.
 It has too much white spots.

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