Thursday, December 8, 2011

Snowflake Christmas Tree - (3rd)

The students traced and cut 10 paper circles. The green is from a ream of 8 1/2 x 11 Astro bright gamma green 24#  ordered from a print shop. The light green 20# paper that runs through our copy machine. I pre-cut these papers into quarter size sheets. 
After the students cut 10 circles of either color, we placed them in individual folders (12 x 18 paper, folded in half with sides stapled).  Next art time we folded each circle  in half "taco," then folded it again as a "pizza slice."

Students drew two shapes on each side of the folded snowflake. Shapes were not to touch.
They chose from the four shapes show (#4 is half of a heart).
 Lots of Oo's and Ah's as snowflakes were unfolded.

 This is the order in which we glued the snowflakes down. Note how the 
flake is lined up with the tree and edge of paper. We placed glue dots on the side with pencil marks.

I tried this project with square snowflakes the year prior to the round flakes.

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