Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Fall Trees -(3rd)

This fun project was inspired from "Fall Trees" by  artsy-T on Flickr, and from "Sparkly Trees" by mrspicasso's artroom blog. Check out their versions for more ideas.

The background was broken up with curve double lines in pencil.

We used warm colored tempera cakes to paint the background, then drew the "V" tree in pencil and outlined it in permanent black markers. After that everyone painted the tree in black tempera.
The double curve lines were left white. After painting, these white lines were colored with markers. The color choices repeated the painted colors to maintain unity. Metallic foil was punched with 1/4" hole punchers and glued to the curved lines.
Circle stencils were used with colored markers to create patterns in the painted areas. This was to break up large plain space.

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