Friday, December 23, 2011

3-D Words - (4th)

Fourth graders enjoy drawing depth and they have the ability to hold an 
18" ruler down in one place too.  We traced the squares and circles from a pattern, then free-handed the letters. A personal color scheme was selected. The background color behind the letters was gray crayon. The rest of the colors were markers.

Clay Fish - (2nd)

This clay project was inspired by the clay fish seen on "paintedpaper's" photostream on flickr.

I introduced this project by reading to the class one of my favorite children's book, "A Fish Out of Water" by Helen Palmer. Its about a boy who feeds his pet fish too much and the fish grows and out grows every container in the house, even the bathtub. The students made paper bathtubs to hold their fish. They also named their pet and placed fish food in its mouth or tub so it wouldn't go hungry.

The water in the bathtubs was textured with blue tempera wash and sponges. 
Texture makes plain areas more interesting.

These fish were made with Crayola's Model Magic Clay. Each 4 oz bag of clay is split between two children. They pull a small amount of clay off their chunk to make two large eyeballs. The fish body is formed from one chunk of clay. Students pinch the fin shapes and stick their pinkie finger into the clay for the mouth. The tail is snipped with a scissors to split it. 

Students write their names on a 3 x 3 piece of paper, then set their fish on top to dry. Later when the fish is dry, I write the child's name in permanent marker on the bottom of each fish.

Using tempera cakes we painted our fish with mixtures of yellow, orange, and red paint. It was not easy to keep the eyes white. 

Sculptures are interesting on all sides. So after the paint dried we drew skin textures on both sides of the fish, either scales, lines, or dots with permanent black marker. Finally we glossed the fish for a wet look with Sax True Flow Gloss Tempera Varnish.

I made copies on heavier paper of the tub layout for each student. We drew bathtub toys, bathmats, brushes, shampoo, towels, even the faucet and hot and cold handles. Then we sponged painted blue bath water for a foamy, bubbly texture.

Idea Sheet

Sometimes we just design fish aquariums.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Gingerbread Puppets - (Kindergarten)

I read the Gingerbread Baby, by Jan Brett to the class. We frosted our gingerbread with yummy vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate colors. On the back we glued half an envelope to be a hand pocket. Finally the students colored a gingerbread house color sheet. We acted out a short version of the story. The Gingerbread Baby ran from the cat, the dog, the pig, and the fox. Then the Gingerbread Baby ran to a gingerbread house and there the baby was safe.
 Girl Puppets
 Boy Puppets
We glued the pocket (envelope) on the back. Just slip your hand in and play out the story. I tell the students when they wear their gingerbread puppet at home run from their mom, dad, brother, or sister because they might catch you and take a bite! I have been told of some fun chase times by kindergartners.

Dotty Christmas Tree - (1st)

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Snowflake Christmas Tree - (3rd)

The students traced and cut 10 paper circles. The green is from a ream of 8 1/2 x 11 Astro bright gamma green 24#  ordered from a print shop. The light green 20# paper that runs through our copy machine. I pre-cut these papers into quarter size sheets. 
After the students cut 10 circles of either color, we placed them in individual folders (12 x 18 paper, folded in half with sides stapled).  Next art time we folded each circle  in half "taco," then folded it again as a "pizza slice."

Students drew two shapes on each side of the folded snowflake. Shapes were not to touch.
They chose from the four shapes show (#4 is half of a heart).
 Lots of Oo's and Ah's as snowflakes were unfolded.

 This is the order in which we glued the snowflakes down. Note how the 
flake is lined up with the tree and edge of paper. We placed glue dots on the side with pencil marks.

I tried this project with square snowflakes the year prior to the round flakes.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Fall Trees -(3rd)

This fun project was inspired from "Fall Trees" by  artsy-T on Flickr, and from "Sparkly Trees" by mrspicasso's artroom blog. Check out their versions for more ideas.

The background was broken up with curve double lines in pencil.

We used warm colored tempera cakes to paint the background, then drew the "V" tree in pencil and outlined it in permanent black markers. After that everyone painted the tree in black tempera.
The double curve lines were left white. After painting, these white lines were colored with markers. The color choices repeated the painted colors to maintain unity. Metallic foil was punched with 1/4" hole punchers and glued to the curved lines.
Circle stencils were used with colored markers to create patterns in the painted areas. This was to break up large plain space.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Martha Speaks - (1st)

 Martha Speaks, is a children's book about a dog given alphabet soup to eat. This makes the dog able to talk. The first graders made their own Martha dog.