Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Turkey Feathers - (1st)

 We printed the tail feathers with 2 x 4 pieces of matt board and tempera paint (black, orange, white, brown), poured onto a paper plate. Two children would share the paper plate of paint.
 Students traced a turkey pattern on black paper, the glued it over the dry tail feathers. They would cut 3 x 6 green paper into three long strips and glue those as ground. Then taking three 3 x 3  light brown and/or dark brown papers, students cut these into 4 strips each, which became trees with branches.
 First graders produced fall leaves by tearing red, green, and orange 3 x 3 papers into small pieces. These were glued to create mood in their art by selecting a calm day or a windy day.
A Calm Day
A Windy Day

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