Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Cowboys & Cowgirls - (4th)

Travel to the Old West with these fun cowboy cartoons. On a 9 x 12 skin-colored paper students created a head shape: rectangular, oval, peanut, or pear. After examining cartoon expressions from professional cartoonists, students created the mood for their outlaw or good guy/girl.

From another 9 x 12 colored paper we made a western hat. To make it symmetrical we folded the paper in half, then drew one 1/2 of the hat. Keeping the paper folded while cutting on the outline you get a nice hat to decorate with construction paper crayons.
A bandana was made from a colored rectangle with black and white patterns. This was cut in half, from corner to corner, so you have two triangles when done. The corner of triangle was cut off and glued under the bigger piece to look like its tied.
Students could write a legend about their western character.

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