Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Frosty Faces - (1st)

"Who has made a snowman?" I ask my first graders. Most of them raise their hands. This project begins with stamping a fluffy, snowy texture with white paint and a sponge. The goal is to stamp the paint for a consistent coverage. No big gaps.

Students used "Magic Fold" to make a tall or wide symmetrical hat from a 6 x 9 black paper. 
Precut stripes were added for a pattern hat.

Again "Magic Fold" was used, this time to produce the eye shapes. After the triangle nose was added, a mouth shape created the snowman's mood: happy, sad/mad, or something else.

We talked about Frosty, the snowman who comes alive whenever his hat is on.
In our class there is a Miss Frosty who needs a hat too. More decorations are added to make the magical hat amazing. Feathers, sparkly shapes, and colored squares.
The decorations are arranged to create pattern.
Red or pink chalk gives chilly, rosy cheeks.

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