Monday, October 31, 2011

Shields - (4th)

Students learned about the shields Native American warriors carry into battle. A shield is an honored object. The animals and designs represent spirit protectors the warrior believed would watch over him.
Complementary colors were used to color the shields. I told the students these colors are strong, bold, and powerful. Complementary colors are not quiet, they demand attention. They give our shields a look of strength and power. Lighter colors from the complementary pairs were utilized.

The outer border colors must unify with the center design. Unifying the colors shows organized planning and pulls all the shapes together for a whole look. We do add one new color in the center area for added interest, but its optional. Black and white may be used too.

Symmetry in the background is decided on. Student select 1/2 or 1/4 background. 

Materials: 12" cardboard circle, large plastic ice cream lid to trace inside circle, permanent black markers, color markers, paper streamers, assorted color paper, black cord 10" long, feathers: natural & colored, hot glue gun, wooden beads with large inside diameter. 
Handouts with Native American symbols and their meanings (See the 5 handouts below). 
Color wheel poster to point out complementary colors. 
Students can draw the symbols they selected and write meanings on the back of the shield.


  1. Hi! Would you mind sharing the handout that you provided for your students to use during this project? I am doing this project next week with my 4th graders! :) If you could e-mail it to me, I would greatly appreciate it! My e-mail is

    1. I would also love the handout to use with my students next week.

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    I love this project! Would you mind sending me the handout as well?


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