Friday, October 28, 2011

Sack Cats - (Kindergarten)

When the Kindergarteners arrive for art I whisper, "I can hear a kitty meow, can you?" They listen intently. No sounds are heard, then I share, "I can see kittens hiding in this room, can you? Here Kitty, Kitty."  I find a small kitten picture taped to the wall and show the class. Then I invite the students to walk around searching for a kitty picture. (Before class I hung 30 kitten pictures, 3 x 5 size and laminated around the room). Once the children return to their tables, each holding a picture I ask questions about their kitty such as: What color is their kitty, how many ears, color of nose, does it have whiskers....
Sleeping Face
Awake Face


This is a two sided head. One side the cat is sleeping the other is awake. Inside the bag we stuffed it with a 12 x 18 piece of manilla paper (its guts) and a pink paper heart. (Giving the kitty a heart came from the "Build a Bear" store.)

We constructed a paper mouse and act out a modified story of the cat and the mice. I hold up the sleeping sack kitty and read the story. The students act out the mice parts: creeping, nibbling, hiding. They hide under the art tables as I walk around the room with the awake sack cat looking for a mouse. A copy of the story goes home with each child and their sack cat and mouse. The children love to act.

The Cat and The Mice

The old brown cat is sleeping, sleeping.
The old brown cat is sleeping in the house.

The little mice are creeping, creeping.
The little mice are creeping in the house.

The little mice are nibbling, nibbling.
The little mice are nibbling in the house.

The old brown cat is waking, waking.
The old brown cat is waking in the house.

The old brown cat is looking, looking.
The old brown cat is looking for a mouse.

The little mice are hiding, hiding.
The little mice are hiding in the house.

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