Monday, October 31, 2011

Paper Kaleidoscopes - (4th)

This project is made just like paper snowflakes.

First, we practiced folding and cutting a snowflake with pre-cut 8 1/2" squares (2@)
of plain white copy paper.  The square was folded tree times into a
smaller and smaller triangle.  Shapes were drawn or cut free-hand on all three edges 
of the triangle. Free form shapes and/or geometric shapes were used. 
Some space left between each shape was necessary to hold the snowflake together. 
Unfold the snowflake and SURPRISE! What a complex design!

We selected a 9" Fadeless color square and folded it just like the practice snowflake.
The 9" snowflake was glued in the center of a 12 x 12 black background.
This snowflake technique was then repeated with 6" and  3" squares
of "Fadeless" assorted colors. A color scheme of 3-4 colors was required.

The corner designs came from a folded snowflake that was 
later cut into fourths (on the folds).
  Paper snowflakes could also be cut down so its smaller identical parts
   were used. All the kaleidoscope designs had to be symmetrical for an 
organized and planned look.


  1. I would love to know the steps you used to teach this wonderful project

  2. I like his idea can you please share it with me.

  3. These are wonderful! I am going to finish our school year teaching these.

    1. That's great! This project has success naturally built it. Most of your students will do very well, if not all.