Monday, October 31, 2011

Desert Drive - (2nd)

Let's go on a desert tour in our special truck. Have you ever been to Monument Valley in Utah/Arizona. As you drive notice the mesas in the background. Its a sunny day today and the colors sure make our desert look warm.

Below are some close-ups of amazing trucks with items in the back for traveling in the desert. Notice some unusual drivers and passengers riding in the pick-ups. What did they pack up in the back of their trucks?

We stamped the landscape lines with a cardboard 1" x 1/2" square and black acrylic paint to achieve a textured, angular line.

Before painting the sun was given a warm color halo with oil pastels. The desert animals, bones, and plants were also colored with oil pastels.

Painting with warm colors gives the desert a "hot" look. The students used yellow and one other warm color to streak across their desert.

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