Saturday, October 29, 2011

Bookmark Weavings - (5th)

These bookmarks are great to do. Students were eager to use them in their books. We used purchased pre-notched cardboard looms that were 12' long. We warp the loom with 11 yards of white yarn per student. 

The fifth graders learned about the Navajo Indian Weavers and their beautiful hand woven rugs. The students were instructed to repeat wide, medium, and narrow widths to create a pattern. They drew out  bookmark plans on paper first, then colored it with crayons. Color was limited to two or three selections.
Bookmarks had to be 6" or longer and the color they started with was also the color they ended with.

The most difficult part of this project was tying the six overhand knots on the ends of the bookmark. Attaching pony beads was optional and only if the student could tie their own overhand knots. Another set of knots kept the beads secured.

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